Meet our team

We are singularly focused on creating outstanding media and communications, and food, we love food.


Jared J Madden

Strategy, Creative

Jared has flexed his creative skills across many fields, including working across the globe as the director of a TV network, writing and lecturing in university, creative director in an advertising agency, and winner of 15 international film awards for his documentary film work. He is sought after for his digital innovation and user experience insights.


Laen Henry


With a background as a personal chef and producing media content, Laen has come to Emersive to share his passion for both. He has worked around the globe producing cooking shows, documentaries and branded media for broadcast television. Laen has a dedication to “give back” by engaging in pro bono work for many great causes


Bek Douglas


Working in retail formed a deep understanding of developing and maintaining user experiences. Bek now specialises in developing brand equity through providing outstanding digital experiences that is deeply integrated with business operations.


BB Dawg


BB as everyone one calls me is not my real name, its actually Bailey Bolt. I've go the run of the 20 acres that (emersive) works on, and I get to round up the chickens and have a comfy studio to sleep in. When I'm not eating and playing, I train these guys to throw balls for me, and they are pretty good at it to.

We collaborate with the best in the business to expand our team according to project need. Our "collaborators" include:


Dale Willis

Audio Genuis

Since winning the Australian Fingerstyle Guitar Championships, Dale has collaborated with some of Australia's most notable musicians. From his Central Coast studio he scores original music for the screen and collaborates to Record, Produce, Master and Post Audio.


Luke Sedgman

Digital Producer

Luke has been working in the digital operations and strategy area for the past 5 years. He combines his in depth knowledge of content production with a passion for user experience design/business analysis to deploy against digital products.


Leisha Ann


Leisha has lived and worked across the Pacific engaging with many different cultures and environments. This has inspired her unique works of art where she specialises in telling untold multicultural family stories through her art.


Gilly Tanabose

Drone / DOP

Gilly has worked in some of the most untouched parts of the globe, capturing the unique beauty from the snows of Japan, to the highlands of papua New Guinea and isolated islands in the Pacific. He works across different capture mediums from drone, to video and still photography under the water and above.


Kyle Portbury

Script Doctor

Kyle is an Australian born, but Texas based script writer with many credits and awards to his name. He studied his masters in acting at a prestigious English acting school and has worked around the globe in film production. He specialises now in writing and sculpting scripts for documentary and dramatic narrative films.


Mon Makeup

SFX Makeup

Monisha is a young sensation in the FX makeup world where she was the youngest invitee to IMATS. Today she loves to either make people look great, or get the blood, guts and gore going depending on the need of the production.


Da Chikkies

Bug Control

We have the awesome job of eradicating all of the bugs from the property and fertilising the gardens. Not sure this job will ever finish, we are up at dawn, and work till the sun goes down, even when the humans are having a day off, thats dedication for you. Da Chikkies rule!!!